Adopted Downloads Now Available

adopted-store-coverAn honest, intelligent handbook for today’s modern family

Adopted is now available for download. Downloads are delivered to you as high-quality, DRM-free, .m4v files. They are playable in iTunes, available free for Windows and Mac.

Due to the large size of the video files, it is recommended that you have high-speed internet access.

Downloads of Adopted and the We Can Do Better series are for private, home use only.

Agencies, libraries and other organizations should buy the Institutional Use DVD set here.

Adopted, Institutional, Complete Download Package

Purchase the 2nd Edition Institutional Version of Adopted. The download includes the 80-minute documentary, 5 previous video sessions, the NEW 6th video session on Infertility and the written curriculum authored by Dr. Amanda Baden.

Run Time: 3+ Hrs
File Size: 2 gb


Adopted, Private Home Use Only, Complete Download Package

Get the feature and all companion session downloads for a discounted price. List price $79.93 if purchased individually – buy all for the discounted price of $59.95 – save 25%

Run Time: 3+ Hrs
File Size: 2 gb


Adopted Download

Feature documentary telling the stories of two families at opposite ends of the adoption journey.

Run Time: 1 hr 20 min
File Size: 660 mb


We Can Do Better: Infertility a Complicated Loss

NEW! 6th Educational Session added to 2nd Edition ADOPTED DVD set released December 2009. Mindy Carney, adoptive mother, shares her experience with having to cope with her own infertility and Dr. Simmermon discusses the emotions that infertility can cause.

Run Time: 30 min
File Size: 234.9 mb


We Can Do Better: Identity for the Transracial Adoptee

Adult adoptees and psychologists provide advice for parents helping their children develop a strong sense of racial identity and self-esteem.

Run Time: 30 min
File Size: 199 mb


We Can Do Better: Intentions Behind Adopting

Adoption experts discuss what motivates people to adopt and encourage families to understand their intentions and learn to put the adopted child’s needs first.

Run Time: 25 min
File Size: 202.53 mb


We Can Do Better: Parenting the Adopted Child

Experts identify some of the unique issues adopted children may face including Attachment Disorder, PTSD, developmental delays, and grief over the loss of the birth parent. Also examines how biological and adopted siblings interact.

Run Time: 35 min
File Size: 373 mb


We Can Do Better: The MultiRacial Family

Adult adoptees and adoption experts discuss the notion of “colorblindness” and emphasize the importance of addressing racism and stereotypes with children.

Run Time: 30 min
File Size: 308 mb


We Can Do Better: Tough Questions

Adoptive families and advocates take a look at at some of the odd, inappropriate and sometimes offensive questions people ask transracial and international adoptive families.

Run Time: 22 min
File Size: 176 mb