Adopted Institutional DVD

Institutional Use Version

How did you hear about the film?

This 2 DVD set includes:

  • A NEW educational video session on Infertility
  • Discussion Guide for Infertility Session authored by Phyllis Lowinger
  • Curriculum for the movie and 5 previously released videos authored by Dr. Amanda Baden
  • The 80-minute feature documentary, Adopted
  • The 5 previously released educational videos
  • This full package now provides 12 hours of training and education!

For agencies, membership groups, schools and other organizations. Includes discussion guide and license to show the film to groups for educational and training purposes.

Individualsclick here to purchase the private home use version

NOW AVAILABLE: Adopted Downloads Don’t want to pay shipping fees? DVD player won’t play Region 1? Download Adopted and the We Can Do Better educational sessions straight to your desktop for as little as $9.99.

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