Point Made Store Help

Where are my downloads?
If you purchased a product which includes downloadable products, the links to download are in your order receipt which was emailed to you and displayed on screen after you made your payment. If you do not receive the email, check your spam folder. The message is sent from orders@pointmade.com with the subject ‘Order Receipt’.

How do I download the files?
Click on the ‘Click Here to Download Now!’ links in your receipt. Your web browser will prompt you to ‘Open File’ or ‘Save File’. Select ‘Save File’ and save the files in a safe location on your hard drive. This will start the download process, and depending on the size of the file and your connection speed can take awhile. Do not close the window or shut down your computer until the download completes. Once the download is complete, open iTunes or Quicktime and then go to File Menu > Open > and navigate to the video file you just saved to your hard drive.

I downloaded the files, but they will not play/open in iTunes/Quicktime
The problem you’re experiencing is most likely due to an incomplete or interrupted download.

Check the size of the files which you downloaded. They should be the same as the file sizes are listed here (above price and add to cart). If you find the files you downloaded are too small – it means your internet connection was interrupted while downloading.

If you’re using a wireless connection (Wi-Fi), try either switching to a hard wired connection or moving as close as possible to the base station. The video files are quite large and require a consistent connection to complete downloading.

You may start the download again using the link you received when purchasing.

Once the files are completely downloaded, open iTunes and then go to File Menu > Open > and navigate to the video file. You can also use QuickTime to watch the movies.

I’ve tried downloading several times, and it keeps stopping before complete
Chances are, you’re using Internet Explorer – which can be extra-sensitive to any minor interruptions in the connection. A quick and easy solution is download and install the free browser Firefox. Firefox supports downloading multiple files at once, and can resume a download if it is interrupted. Firefox is available free for Mac and PC by visiting http://getfirefox.com